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The DOGie Bag - "Feeding Dogs Like Family—Because They Are"


Dogs are Begging for Nutritious, Wholesome People Food—Let the Feast Begin!

Designed by a veterinarian, DOGie Bag meals meet the demand for dog lovers wanting the healthy benefits of feeding a variety of fresh, wholesome foods---without the chore of cooking!

Cooking from scratch—we use only human grade whole foods. Prepared by hand, our meals are vacuum sealed in pouches to keep them fresh--no preservatives are needed!

Using this advanced technology, meals can be frozen for months--just defrost and serve. No cooking, no clean up, and no hassle! We make DOGie Bag meals simple, easy and affordable. Our dog chefs do all the work and you get all the praise!

The DOGie Bag

Camp Bow Wow in Anaheim, California

Camp Bow Wow® was established to provide a fun, safe and upscale environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of love and attention! We provide doggy day camp for parents wishing to drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up in the evening, as well as overnight boarding for travelers. Our campers play all day indoors and outdoors, and you can view them online anytime with our Camper Cams while working or traveling. Most importantly, our camp staffers are expertly trained in dog behavior, safety and health management and are there to ensure your pup has a great time!

Camp Bow Wow

Go From Dog Lover to Dog Expert!

  • Written in an organized concise format, each consult is an e-book that can be instantly downloaded and read in about 30 minutes.
  • Get a second opinion from a holistic vet who answers the most common questions dog owners ask veterinarians—making you an informed health care advocate for your dog’s best interests.
  • Find out why you should vaccinate LESS and which vaccines are totally useless; which diets you should NEVER feed your dog; how to treat allergies NATURALLY without drugs.
  • Order the 30 Minute Vet Consult series now and get your dog back on the road to better health today!




30 Minute Vet Consult

Get the Facts: What's Really in Pet Food

What most consumers don’t know is that the pet food industry is an extension of the human food and agriculture industries. Pet food provides a market for slaughterhouse offal, grains considered “unfit for human consumption,” and similar waste products to be turned into profit. This waste includes intestines, udders, esophagi, and possibly diseased and cancerous animal parts ...

Get the full report from Born Free/Animal Protection Institute.

Born Free/Animal Protection Institute