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Why our pets thrive on raw, whole foods


Dogs and cats are meat eaters, not grain eaters.  Meat is what they need most and like best.  The use of grains to formulate commercial pet foods further reduces their nutritional value and can be difficult for some pets to digest.  Prior to the birth of the pet food industry some 60 years ago, our pets ate a diet based upon natural, whole foods.  In fact, the natural, evolutionary diet of dogs and cats contained very little grains.  Therefore, our pets have no dietary requirements for complex carbohydrates (grains).  Interestingly enough, cats were originally domesticated to protect granaries because they wouldn't eat grain.  So why are grains used in many commercial pet foods?  Grains provide an inexpensive source of calories, helping to make the pet food industry more profitable.  It seems we have sacrificed our pets' good health for convenience and low cost!

Fresh, whole, raw foods provide essential nutrients that are lost in the manufacturing process of traditional pet foods and contain thousands of enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that cannot exist in the heat processed, canned and kibble diets of today.

Raw diets we recommend.

What about E-coli and other bacteria?

Dogs are scavengers and cats are true carnivores. Their teeth and short digestive systems are designed for raw meat. They can thrive in the presence of microbes potentially dangerous to humans. Just imagine a dog digging up an old bone or drinking water out of a duck pond.  Watch a cat stalk and kill prey animals such as wild birds and rodents.  Raw food diets are based upon a proven, old-world formula that can be safely fed to your pet following proper feeding guidelines.


More information on switching your dog to a raw food diet.