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Meet Our Pet Bereavement Counselor


Bill Benson LMFT

Bill Benson with assistant Joey
Eric Christensen
Bill Benson LMFT with his Certified Therapeutic Assistive Animal, otherwise known as "Joey".

Because losing an animal family-member is losing a loved one, we are professionally associated with the pet bereavement consulting practice of Bill Benson, LMFT.

Bill, a Psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, understands the close bond between our animals and ourselves and recognizes the depth of sorrow that we can experience when we lose a beloved furry friend.

Both Bill and “Joey”, his Certified Therapeutic Assistive Animal, can be called on to help manage the grief you are experiencing. The support and guidance provided can help you work through the issues around your loss.

Because we are committed to caring for our clients, Founders Veterinary Clinic proudly endorses consultations with Bill Benson—should you feel this service would benefit you. Bill is also available for more in-depth counseling, should you wish to arrange a full private session with him.

Bill can be reached at:

(310) 849-9399