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Holistic Care





Holistic veterinary care includes the use of proven nutritional supplements to treat common medical problems such as degenerative arthritis, skin allergies, and diseases associated with ageing. Our goal is to balance holistic with traditional veterinary medicine, along with a healthy diet to optimize your companion's overall health.

When looking for an alternative to using standard drug therapy, herbs and natural supplements can often be used with great success. Natural therapies can also be used along with conventional approaches to modify the use of drugs. As compared to their pharmaceutical counterparts, herbs exhibit healing properties without harmful side effects.

Nutritional medicine can be used as a safe and non-toxic method for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. By taking a more holistic approach, our animal companions can benefit from the wisdom that surrounds us in nature and the scientific advancements of modern medicine.

In short, standard Western medicine is very good at managing trauma, acute bacterial infections, surgical emergencies, and other medical crises. However, it does not enjoy the same kind of success when attempting to treat viral infections, degenerative diseases like arthritis, chronic allergies, and immune dysfunction and cancer.

Our goal is to bridge this gap, and offer you safe and natural alternatives that will enhance your pets' natural healing ability to prevent and reverse diseases.




Dr. Paula Terifaj exams a patient.
Dr. Paula Terifaj consults with a client on a homemade diet plan for her dog Hugo.