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Founders Veterinary Clinic

Holistic Veterinarians Serving Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.



We specialize in providing the highest quality veterinary                                                         

care possible for dogs and cats.  Our services have been                  

tailored to meet the expectations of pet owners who

believe their pets are an important part of their lives.


As holistic veterinarians, we stress the importance of

disease prevention.  We believe that nutrition is the

cornerstone to good health.  That's why every one of our

clients receives a nutritional consultation as part of our exams.  We want to be sure that your pet is eating the best diet possible.


Because pet vaccinations are often being over used and many are unnecessary, we adhere to a more

conservative policy on the use of vaccines based on age, risk factors , and exposure.


To get a special report detailling the revised vaccine guidelines put forth by the American

Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in 2006, sign up for our free health tips in the sign-up box for

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We are experts on nutrition and the use of nutritional supplements. Our goal is to help your pet live a

long and healthy life with fewer visits to the veterinarian!